High Speed Hair Dryer

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Color: White

Experience the Future of Hair Drying.

Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Blow-Drying Sessions and Hello to Sleek, Salon-Quality Results

Our high-speed hair dryer is designed for those who demand efficiency without compromising on style. With its cutting-edge technology, TurboDry delivers powerful airflow to quickly dry your hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and ready to take on the day. Its advanced features protect your locks from heat damage while maintaining optimal drying performance. Whether you’re preparing for a busy day at the office or a special evening out, TurboDry is your go-to styling companion. Upgrade your hair care routine today!

Tri-Color LED Ring, Clear Temperature Indication

The distinctive tri-color LED ring, combined with the dual-function buttons, allows
for flexible temperature control, providing a clear indication of the temperature and
adding versatility and personality to your hairstyle.

Fast Drying, Dries Hair in 1 Minute

With a powerful airflow of 22m/s, Weirdo HS01 offers a genuine hair-drying
experience, allowing you to achieve the perfect hairstyle in just one minute,
reducing the risk of heat damage to your hair.

8 Wind Modes Meet Your Daily Needs

With 8 different wind modes, including hot, warm, cold, and cold-to-hot cycles,
Weirdo HS01 caters to your various hairstyling requirements and fits any occasion.

Ultra-Lightweight Design, Weighs Only 407g

Weighing merely 407g, Weirdo HS01 is effortlessly portable, allowing long-haired
users to enjoy a burden-free hairstyling experience, truly embracing the essence
of "lightness".

0.2mm Ultra-Fine Filter, Say Goodbye to Hair Sucking

With a 0.2mm ultra-fine filter, Weirdo HS01 prevents hair from getting sucked into
the dryer, ensuring a safe and comfortable hair-drying experience.

High-Speed brushless motor 110,000 RPM, powerful performance

Weirdo HS01 features a high-speed brushless motor with a staggering 110,000
RPM, delivering powerful and penetrating airflow, ensuring long-lasting and
remarkable hairstyling.

Discover High Speed Hair Dryer’s Exclusive Features

Multiple Speed Setting

Multiple Heat Settings

Rapid Airflow Technology

Reduce Dry Hair

Reduce Split Hair

Ionic Conditioning

Reduce Damage to Hair Scales


Product specifications

Model Number


Battery Capacity


Package Dimensions


Rated voltage

220 V

Rated power


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